Deep Knowledge Life Sciences is the life sciences subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Ventures, with offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Toronto. It has been the lead investor in a number of promising geroscience companies, including Insilico Medicine, a pioneer in applying AI and deep learning to age-related biomarker and drug discovery (and the consortium of companies around Insilico Medicine, including Youth Laboratories and Longenesis), and five other companies in the fields of Geroscience, NeuroTech, Preventive Medicine, AgeTech and Longevity focused Mobile Apps.

We invest in and guide early-stage ventures with disruptive potential in healthcare. We are not interested in incremental advancement — we embrace a warp-speed pace of development with a long time-horizon, and as a mission-driven firm we seek to maximize positive impact on the global healthcare system rather than merely short-term returns.

We invest in breakthrough technologies with a primary focus on anti-aging and personalized medicine.

Genetics and Personalized Medicine

Anti – Aging and Oncology

Precision Medicine

Human Biotechology